Beatriz Ferreira Carvalho, Caio Castro Mendanha Barros, Juliana Queiroz Xavier, Guilherme Simão Souza, Bruna do Nascimento Pereira


Institution: UniEVANGÉLICA

“The objective of this study is to describe the epidemiology of breast cancer deaths occurred in Goiás by 2013. This is an cross-sectional study, compiled from data obtained in the item ‘’Health Information’’ (TABNET), subsection ‘’epidemiological and morbidity’’ in the DATASUS site. The variables that were studied were color/race, age, marital status, scholarity and death occurring place. By the year 2013, 1,149 women were admitted in Goiás by mammary neoplasia, and 1,114 of them were positive for malignancy. The number of deaths of women in childbearing age for breast malignant neoplasm in 2013 in Goiás was 118, and of these, 2 were between 20 and 29, 34 between 30 and 39 years old and 82 between 40 and 49 years. Regarding the scholarity, 2 women had never attended school, 10 of them had studied between 1 and 3 years, 18 between 4-7 years of study, 19 between 8-11 and 17 women had studied over 12 years. Of the 118 deaths, 53 were white, 43 were hispanic, 8 were black, one indigeouns and in 13 of them this information was not described. Among the described population, 27 were single and 52 were married and 110 of them died in hospitals and 4 in domicile. It concludes that the most affected age group is between 40 and 49 years, with 69.5% of cases. It was no possible to make statics analysis due to omisssion in the variable scholarity (44% of the cases were ignored). It was observed that the white and hispanic are the most common, with respectively 44.9% and 36.4%, results similar to the ones obtained by Pinheiro et al (2013). Among the women surveyed, 44% were married – this data matches the ones obtained by Ferreira e Silva et al (2013) – and 93.2% of the women died at the hospital.

Keywords: Breast Cancer; Epidemiology; Goiás.”