Simone Meneguetti Zatta; David Feder, Flávia S Gehrke,Beatriz C. A Alves, Ligia A Azzalis, Marcelo Rodrigues Bacci, Virginia Junqueira,Paloma Garrido,Fabiana Souza, Fernando L. A.Fonseca

Institution: Mestranda em Ciencias da Saúde pela FMABC

“Objective: To analyze the relationship between the practice of physical activity and metabolic variables of postmenopausal women under treatment with aromatase inhibitors (AIs) for the treatment of breast cancer. Methods: Cross-sectional study, conducted with postmenopausal women who make use of AIs for the treatment of breast cancer. The sample consisted of 98 women aged enters 50 and 80 years (63.16±8), Presidente Prudente, SP, divided into two groups. Group without cancer (n=63) and breast cancer group (n=35). Blood analysis of the metabolic variables was made in a laboratory in Presidente Prudente and we applied the Baecke (1982) for the practice of physical activity (PA). For statistical analysis, the Spearman correlation and all analyzes used SPSS version 18.0 with significance 5%. Results: In women without cancer there was a relationship between increased physical activity and lower cholesterol (r =0.136;p=0.285); HDL(r=0.117; p=0.357); VLDL(r=-0.259; p=0.039); LDL(r=-0.119; p= 0.350) triacylglycerols(p=-0.319, p=0.010); GLUCOSE(r=-0.326;p=0.009);C-reactive protein(r=-0.232, p=0.038); the women making use of (AIs) there was no relationship between physical activity and other metabolic variables, and the observed values were: cholesterol (r =-0,127;p=0,427); HDL(r=0131, p=0.434);VLDL(r=0136, p=0.285); LDL(r=0.086;p=0.340);Triglycerides(r=0.239;p=0.188); GLUCOSE (r=-0.080;p=0.665);C-reactive protein(r=0.354;p=0.051). Therefore it was observed that total physical activity is related to lower values of VLDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose and C-reactive protein in women without cancer, and in women using AIs, and it was not observed. Conclusion: Based on the findings this study concluded that the practice of physical activity was related to lower values of metabolic markers in women without breast cancer. In women survivors cancer that was not observed, could this result have been caused by the use of inhibitors or low intensity of physical activity. It is recommended to increase the intensity of physical activity for women with breast cancer a view to improving the metabolic variables.Keywords: breast cancer; aromatase inhibitors, postmenopausal women, physical activity; metabolic variables.”