Fábio F. O. Rodrigues, Lais A. Inaba, Carlos E. Fristachi, Rodrigo M. Silva, Christine M. Ferreira, Walda H. Coelho, Mauricio Fristachi

Institution: Instituto do Câncer Dr. Arnaldo de Vieira Carvalho

“Objective: To evaluate the applicability of high dose rate brachytherapy (HDRB) in patients with locally advanced breast cancer who had breast conserving surgery (BCS) after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT). Methods: A prospective study was performed from November 2005 to September 2011 in patients with clinical response to NACT (at least 50% of the inicial tumor) who underwent BCS associated to axillary lymph node dissection and HDRB. Results: A total of 133 patientes were treated with HDRB boost where needle-catheters or templates were inserted directly into the tumor bed and a high intensity radiation source was delivered (1200cGy) with good tolerability (fewer side effects) and effective treatment of local breast cancer disease. Conclusion: In patients with locally advanced breast cancer with clinical response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy who underwent lumpectomy, the HDRB is a safe and effective option to improve locoregional control.

Key-word : Breast cancer; brachytherapy; breast conserving surgery; breast-conserving therapy”