Thiago de Paula Eleutério, Rafael Rocha Luzini, Mariana Berquó Peleja, Pollyana Alves Gouveia, Victória Coelho Jácome Queiroz, Ana Thays Rabelo Mendonça, Luisa Rezende Barros, Thaynara Mercadante

Institution: Universidade Federal de Goiás

Objectives: report the performance of the breast league witch is an extension project linked to mastology program at the Hospital das Clinicas, UFG, composed of medical, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy and nutrition students, and supervised by the teacher coordinator, Dr. Ruffo Freitas Junior. Demonstrate their impact to academics and to the assisted population. Methodology: descriptive and quantitative analysis of the activities promoted by the breast league of FM-UFG from January 2015 to January 2016. Results: The breast league performed one symposium and 11 training classes taught by multidisciplinary professionals. In the scientific field, the league has raised 3 publications and 34 conference papers, 11 in national congresses; and 12 in international conferences (GBCS – 2015). In the outpatient area, the members participated in the medical and multidisciplinary care. In the extension area, the league acted in weeklly groups and at 24 educational campaigns in 6 cities of Goiás. Totalling 110 days of guidelines and about 2,000 women attended. Also held one breast cancer screening campaign in the city of Rubiataba in witch 287 women were attended by students of medicine supervised in the clinical examination and in the mammographic evaluation. These activities collaborate to the training of health professionals, providing experience in humanized and multidisciplinary care, as well as acting in a specific area rarely addressed by traditional curriculum. As for assisted population, the campaigns have worked effectively in awareness about the realization of the self-examination of the breasts, highlighting the importance of early detection of breast cancer through annual mammography. Conclusion: The breast league accomplished its primary objectives: promoting the health and well-being of society through preventive and educational activities humanized and multidisciplinary, providing knowledge and experience to the entire academic body that composes it. 

Keywords: university extension, breast cancer screening, breast league.